Aquos, the innovative financial system offers unique offers

London, UK, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Autostaking platforms have been transforming the DeFi industry for some time. Financial systems like Aquos are revamping these protocols like Titano and Libero to provide more benefits. With its Aquos auto-staking and auto-composition protocol, the platform exhibits high APY by breaking 383,025.80% YOY. Trusting their protocol promising high APY, the ecosystem looks forward to its own metaverse and a profitable utility IP.

What is Aquos?

With its Aquos Auto-Staking Protocol (AAP), Aquos offers a DeFi asset to the user by rewarding it via a sustainable fixed compound interest. It is a unique protocol ensuring ease of staking and promising stable crypto returns to $AQUOS holders. Their unique protocol allows the token to perform automatic staking and compounding, delivering a high and fixed APY of 382,945.41% in the first 12 months.

The company aims to create innovation in DeFi sectors that provide extensive advantages and benefits to token holders. Aquos pays interest to the holder every 15 minutes, or 96 times a day. Moreover, the platform enhances the user’s wallet faster with its easy buy, hold and earn system.


  • Aquos is a financial system offering innovation to existing protocols like Titano and Libero
  • The ecosystem has a high APY of 383,025.80% in just one year
  • Their BEP-20 token offers rewards to holders every 15 minutes

Aquos Features

Auto stake and compounding protocol benefits users with its low risk insurance fund, secure and easy stake, high interest yield, auto payouts, fixed APY and auto burn options.

If offers the following features:

NFT ecosystem

Aquos will offer NFT collectibles, an NFT marketplace, and more. Users will be able to mint their NFTs, stake them and trade them. The NFT ecosystem will provide great utility for consuming $AQUOS.

NFT auction and launch pad platform

The company is developing a 100% BSC-compliant NFT Marketplace, and users can mint their new NFTs and sell them through the Aquos NFT auction platform which allows bulk minting and lineage of their assets.


The platform will launch its play-to-earn (P2E) and player versus player (PVP) games. The developers will also provide an in-game NFT implementation, ultimately providing a powerful utility for consuming $AQUOS.

Game Play to Win (P2E)

These Aquos games will increase the holder’s opportunity to earn profits and become an active member of the Aquos community.

$AQUOS token and tokenomics

The BEP-20 $AQUOS allows users to generate automatic passive income by offering an interest payment every 15 minutes for 13.5 years or until the AQUOS reaches the maximum token supply of 3, 25 billion tokens.

The platform has proprietary mechanisms that set them apart like Aquos Auto-Liquidity Engine (AALE), Aquos Insurance Fund (AIF), Longterm Interest Cycle (LIC). These mechanisms also secure the token holder against hacks.

The fees for buying and selling the $AQUOS token power different functions of the AAP protocol. The ecosystem charges a fee of 14% for buy transactions and 16% for sell transactions, allowing holders to get a fixed APY of 382,945.41%.

  • Of the 14% purchase fee, 4% is allocated to liquidity, 5.0% to AIF (Aquos Insurance Fund), 2.5% to Treasury and 2.5% to Fire Pit or burn controlling token supply and keeping the protocol stable.
  • Of the 16% purchase fee, 4% is allocated to liquidity, 5.0% to AIF (Aquos Insurance Fund), 4.5% to Treasury and 2.5% to Fire Pit.


The company aims to create DeFi innovation to benefit Aquos holders and they are already launched on PancakeSwap. The company’s AAP protocol has outstanding benefits for users. The company is looking forward to launching its own dApp and launching its NFT collection.

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