How the Global Financial System Enables the Oligarchy

Many of the world’s richest countries have imposed sanctions on Russians oligarchs.

The goal? Shake Vladimir Putin by pressing his closest supporters.

But sanctions can only go so far, when it is the deeper global financial system that enables these same oligarchs.

“London’s role since the 1950s is that business too shady to be on Wall Street is done in London,” says journalist Oliver Bullough.

And where money flows, power grows.

“I have yet to see any signs that this government understands what is really needed to address this frankly serious threat to democracy and stability,” Bullough added.

Today, About: Protecting Ukraine and democracy, by reforming the global financial system.


Louise Shelly, professor of public policy and director of the Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center at George Mason University. Author of numerous books, including dark trade and Dirty tangles. (@ShelleyTraCCC)

Oliver Bullough, he writes and reports on financial crime, kleptocracy and offshore money laundering for various media, including the Guardian and the BBC. Author of moneyland and the next world butler. (@OliverBullough)

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